Gas Fired Water Heater Maintenance

Gas Fired Water Heater Maintenance

A Tank Based Gas Fired Water Heater is a unit which has a holding tank that holds heated water; further this water is heated by a gas fed flame. Did you know that there are measures you can take to increase the life expectancy of your home’s gas fired tank based Water Heater? The following […]

10 Tools You May Not Know About

Courtesy of Compass NYC Sales Manager, Fritz Frigan: I found a super interesting thread on Twitter and I thought it was worth sharing. Check the 10 web site or apps listed below. There is something for everyone. My favorite one is…. (you know I am obsessed with data!) I did not try it yet, but […]

Lunch and Learn with The Organized Leydi

Summary transcript (thanks AI!): MOBG Lunch & Learn - Leydi Rofman (2023-04-26 12:04 GMT-4)  Introductions Susie Adamson: Hi everybody, and welcome to our first MOBG Lunch & Learn. I'm Susie Adamson, one of the partners at Tandem Real Estate Group at Compass. I'm joined by Bonnie Ramsey, and we're so excited to have Leydi Rofman [...]

Rising Property Premiums

Courtesy of Robert A. Davis, President, Davis Agency Insurance It is now late March 2023 and Property Insurance premiums continue to rise. Most people are seeing their homeowner’s insurance premiums going up by 10 – 15% this year with many seeing even higher increases. There are several factors behind the rising cost of property insurance. […]

Dogs of SOMA 2023 Calendars are Here!

It’s here! The Dogs of SOMA 2023 Calendar!  Don’t wait to place an order for this GREAT gift!  Deadline for orders is November 27th.  Calendars will be ready for pickup at Pet Wants in South Orange and The General Store in Maplewood in early December – just in time for the holidays!  “We received an […]

REal Talk October 3, 2022 Confused by home prices? So is everyone! Having a hyper-local expert is your best bet for finding or selling a home in these times of transition... listen in for more on this... Susie (00:01): <laugh> Kelly, get in Bonnie (00:03): Here. <laugh>. Susie (00:04): Okay. So we haven't done a real talk in a [...]

REal Talk August 01 2022 Susie (00:03): Hi, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:04): Hi Susie. I like your new haircut. Susie (00:07): <laugh> Thank you! It's been a minute again. It's been a busy summer busier than we anticipated. We did have a hot minute where we got to take a breath. But it's good news for everyone that the market [...]

REal Talk June 23, 2022 Susie (00:01): Hi, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:02): Hi, Susie. Susie (00:04): And hi, Kelly! Bonnie (00:04): Kelly! Bonnie (00:08): So excited to have you on REal Talk, Kelly! It's your official REal Talk debut. Susie (00:16): Yes. Debut. So for those of you who haven't heard... Kelly Lombardi, our good friend and excellent real estate [...]

REal Talk May 20, 2022 – How’s the Market? Speaker 1 (00:03): Hi, Bonnie. Speaker 2 (00:04): Hi Susie. Long time, no REal talk. Speaker 1 (00:08): I know I miss saying, "Hi, Bonnie." <laugh>. Okay. So we thought we should just do a market update cause we haven't done one in a while and the market has changed. Speaker 2 (00:19): Things [...]
About Those Magnolia Trees

About Those Magnolia Trees

Isn’t weather fun? As we wait for Winter and Spring to make up their minds about who’s turn it is, it’s not just our moods that suffer. You’ve probably noticed Magnolia trees suffering from winter burn after our recent weather-whiplash.  We reached out to our friend, Catherine Redd, owner of Catherine Redd Horticulture + Landscape, for some advice: […]

Mom-Owned Business Networking Event

Mom-Owned Business Networking Event – Wed, 4/6, 7-9pm at Mana, 2168 Millburn Avenue, 206, Maplewood (same building as Carolina Drug & Surgical at the corner of Valley & Millburn Ave)   Happy April, Moms*! Some of you may remember our Startup Showdown (originally Mompreneur Madness) competition, in collaboration with General Store Cooperative. We started that […]

2022 Lunar Fest

2022 Lunar Fest

Adamson Ramsey Homes is delighted to be the first sponsors of Lunar Fest 2022! Hoping that it is safe to hold this event this year!! Save the date! ~~ From Susie Adamson and Bonnie Ramsey of Adamson Ramsey Homes, Compass NJ have been strong supporters of Lunar Fest NJ since the beginning, and they […]

REal Talk Dec 22 2021 – What’s on the horizon?

It's almost the end of 2021!!!! Craziness!! And December has not cut us any slack this year! What's on the horizon? Tune in! Here is information about the Concierge program that we talk about - TRANSCRIPT Bonnie (00:04): Hi, Susie. Susie (00:06): Hi Bonnie. Bonnie (00:08): Are you ready for REal talk where we [...]

REal Talk Dec 10 2021 – Real Estate and Life!

REal Talk - Where we talk about Real Estate and Life! This week we talk about the surprisingly busy December market and what that portends for the Spring. We're also introducing a new format to our chats... tune in! TRANSCRIPT Susie (00:02): Hi, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:03): Hi, Susie. Welcome to REal Talk. Susie (00:07): Where [...]

REal Talk Nov 13 2021 – Holiday Cookies!

Can't believe last week was Thanksgiving and it's already Dec! Well, no time to catch our breaths! Time to make some holiday cookies! So here are some of our faves 🙂 Please share your go to recipes!! Bonnie: Chocolate Mint Candies Cookies - Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe - White Chocolate Trail Mix - [...]

REal Talk Nov 13 2021 – Thanksgiving!

Watch this week's REal Talk for some of Bonnie & Susie's favorite Thanksgiving recipes! Bonnie: Ribs - Momofuku Brussels Sprouts - BONUS: The best cranberry bread!! Susie: Cajun Cornbread Dressing - Momofuku Brussels Sprouts - Cranberry Relish - #thanksgiving2021 #thankful #thanksgivingrecipes   Curious about selling? We’d love to meet [...]
Senior Series Webinar on Medicaid Replay

Senior Series Webinar on Medicaid Replay

One big takeaway from our Medicaid webinar with elder and estate law attorney, Allison Busch was to plan ahead. So, even if you or your loved ones are not in need of medicaid or long term care now, watch this recording to learn how to prepare… Connect with Allison and Bethany: Allison - LinkedIn / [...]
Homeowners’ Insurance Webinar Replay

Homeowners’ Insurance Webinar Replay

Not only can knowing more save you money, but it can save you from untold headaches when you try to sell your property. What should you do when something happens to your home and you think to call your insurance company? Well, it depends! There are many variables you should consider before even making that [...]
Dogs of SOMA Calendar!!!

Dogs of SOMA Calendar!!!

Thanks for all of the enthusiastic support for our idea of a Dogs of SOMA Calendar. We have decided to support the East Orange Animal Alliance with any profits from the sale of the calendar (Thank you, Lauren Kochman, for the rec!!) We REALLY want to keep this pretty simple and we’re doing this because […]

REal Talk July 9, 2021 – Let us connect you!

Thanks to those of you who have given us encouraging feedback about these videos!! We LOVE hearing that we're delivering value!!! This week, we talk about the connections we love making for people!! We know these towns inside and out and have loads of recs that you can pursue with confidence! PLUS, Shakespeare in Our [...]

SOMSD School Re-districting webinar with Dr. Taylor

Updates from our Webinar with Superintendent, Dr. Taylor for more info on our school district re-zoning which will launch in September 2021 with the incoming Kindergarten class. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOMSD III Webinar with Dr. Taylor Transcript  June 29, 2021, 8-9pm Susie (00:03): Okay. And I'll let you share your screen. And if you have questions, everyone [...]

REal Talk May 23 2021 – Renovations & Pool time!

Contractors, reno materials, and the end AAPI Heritage month -- pool party!! Experience, local knowledge, responsiveness, connections are key to selling your home and/or finding one in this crazy market! Message us today to get answers to your questions. Video Transcript Susie (00:03): Hi Bonnie. Hello, we're late this week with our real talk. Bonnie [...]
AAPI Heritage Month’s Upcoming Events

AAPI Heritage Month’s Upcoming Events

The events this month so far in honor Asian and Pacific Islander month have been so fun! It was so exciting for us to be co-sponsors of Maplewood’s first event, the Lion dance by the New York Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club. There are still some amazing upcoming events you’ll want to be sure to check […]

REal Talk May 16 2021 – This week in the market

It's a beautiful Friday! Tune in for a market update... even if you really don't think you are interested in moving... Video Transcript Bonnie (00:05): Hi! Susie (00:06): Hi. Bonnie (00:07): Good morning, Happy Friday. Susie (00:09): Happy Friday. So what are we talking about today, Bonnie? Bonnie (00:12): You know what we need to [...]

REal Talk May 9 2021 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there! Watch our REal Talk this week for our Mother's Day gift to you! Video Transcript Susie (00:04): Oh, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:05): Oh, Susie. Susie (00:06): Hi. Bonnie (00:07): Hi, happy weekend. Susie (00:10): Happy weekend. Happy mother's day tomorrow. Bonnie (00:12): Yes. Happy mother's day [...]

REal Talk April 30 2021 – Why Buy Now?

Buyers: Should we wait to buy so that we're not competing in this crazy market? Watch this week's REal Talk to hear our perspective on this question! (Spoiler alert: the answer is, probably not!) P.S., it's also a great time to sell! Let us help you plan for the future by assessing what your home [...]
SOPAC Scavenger Hunt (May 1 -2)

SOPAC Scavenger Hunt (May 1 -2)

  We’re so delighted to be a co-sponsor of this fun community event!! Join the SOPAC Scavenger Hunt on a quest to beat the clock! Complete missions, earn points, and take the lead to victory. Missions range from text, photo, or location-based instructions for you to complete at your own pace during the weekend of […]

REal Talk April 23 2021 – We’ve Moved!

We’ve moved! Also, remember to vote in the final round of the Startup Showdown!!! Video Transcript Susie (00:01): Oh, hi Bonnie. I love that people have told us that they can tell that we have fun on these calls… Bonnie (00:10): We do! Susie (00:10): Because we’re grateful for all of our Watchers. And for […]

Startup Showdown 2021 – Final Round!!!

Startup Showdown 2021 – Final Round!!!

We went from 8 amazing finalists to 4 and now, 2! Please vote for the WINNER of our amazing prize package and share with your friends and family so that your favorite gets more votes!! All of the details on our prize package and finalists can be seen at! Voting ends at midnight on […]

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

  May is AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Heritage Month and we are so pleased to be sponsoring the SOMA Cross Cultural Works celebration events! Plus, Startup Showdown! And, what’s coming next week… Video Transcript Bonnie (00:04): Hi, Susie. Susie (00:06): Hi, Bonnie. Happy Friday! We’re going to talk about why you’re standing in your […]