REal Talk April 23 2021 – We’ve Moved!

We’ve moved! Also, remember to vote in the final round of the Startup Showdown!!!

Video Transcript

Susie (00:01):

Oh, hi Bonnie. I love that people have told us that they can tell that we have fun on these calls…

Bonnie (00:10):

We do!

Susie (00:10):

Because we’re grateful for all of our Watchers. And for those of you who have been paying attention. Last week, we teased that we were going to talk about dormers and all things attics, and we’re not…

Bonnie (00:25):

We’re not going to!

Susie (00:25):

We will though maybe next week we hope. But we have some timely news this week….(*drum roll*)

Bonnie (00:36):

Very exciting. We have switched brokerages and we have gone home to Keller Williams where it all began.

Susie (00:46):

Yep. So Bonnie and I both started at Keller Williams. We spent three and a half years at Hearth, and we are very grateful to our broker there, Josh Jacobs, who is a dear friend and was an incredible broker for us for that period of time, we experienced a lot of growth and learning and we loved it there. We love our colleagues there and we will continue to work alongside of them. We felt like this was the right move for our business right now.

Bonnie (01:18):

Nothing but love for Hearth and the Hearth family. And we’re so grateful for everything that they did for us and that Josh continues to do for us. But it just feels like the right time to make the switch and look forward to that.

Susie (01:34):

Yeah. In the days to come, days, weeks, and months and years to come, as we move forward in our business and our lives. And then also we just want to remind you this week is the final week.

Bonnie & Susie (01:50):

…Of The Startup Showdown!

Bonnie (01:54):

We are in the final hours. We have about one and a half days tomorrow evening voting stops at midnight. So if you haven’t voted yet for a finalist, please go to the and cast your votes. We have two finalists, Little Apple Arts, and Let’s Stay in Soma. And they are two incredible businesses. You can check them out online, read all about them, cast your vote. And we will be very excited to announce a winner on Sunday. And the winner gets an incredible prize package. And we’re just so thrilled to be supporting women entrepreneurs, mom entrepreneurs. And thank you to all of you who have helped who have sponsored and who have voted during this last month of voting. And then we’re just excited to encourage, to continue to encourage women in our community to make their dreams come true.

Susie (02:51):

Absolutely. Soplease take the time to do that. And remember that our Asian Pacific Islander heritage month event is coming up May 7th, I believe, which is a Friday and that’ll be a lion dance andBollywood dancing and a DJ, and that’ll be in Maplewood village. And we will have more information on that, on our website as well as on our newsletter and all that stuff. So if you don’t already subscribe to our Instagram and to our Facebook page, please make sure to like, follow, do all the things.

Bonnie (03:32):

You can find us @AdamsonRamseyHomes.

Susie (03:35):

Right. So, all right!

Bonnie (03:38):

Okay. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. Bye!

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