REal Talk May 9 2021 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms out there! Watch our REal Talk this week for our Mother’s Day gift to you!

Video Transcript

Susie (00:04):

Oh, Bonnie.

Bonnie (00:05):

Oh, Susie.

Susie (00:06):


Bonnie (00:07):

Hi, happy weekend.

Susie (00:10):

Happy weekend. Happy mother’s day tomorrow.

Bonnie (00:12):

Yes. Happy mother’s day to you too. It’s a hallmark holiday, but I’ll take it.

Susie (00:19):

That’s right. The day that we can stop and celebrate ourselves and all the hard work we do and our mothers do. So it’s become a little bit of a tradition. Now. We just made it a tradition. So our second year of sharing a funny video, yes, for ourselves.

Bonnie (00:35):

…And For all the women out there who just need a really good laugh. We thought that as a little mother’s day gift,

Susie (00:45):

That’s right. And if you’re not a mother, and if you’re a man, you can still enjoy it. And everyone can use a good laugh these days. So here you go.

[Break Womb Youtube Video]

Susie (00:58):

I have to say, I’m very glad that we’re past that stage.

Bonnie (03:06):

Yes! But many of our clients and women out there are not. So I guess that you’re in the middle of that season.

Susie (03:14):

Definitely. Well, that’s our gift to you this mother’s day. Hopefully gave you a chuckle.

Bonnie (03:20):

Yes. Happy mother’s day. And we wish you a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

Susie (03:24):

Hope you get some rest.

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