REal Talk Nov 13 2021 – Special Edition: Yard2Kitchen

Wish you had an abundant garden but don’t know how to set it up? Don’t have a green thumb? Or maybe you’re a master gardener but don’t have a lot of time! Watch this week’s REal Talk to see how Kirk Sohr from Yard2Kitchen created a beautiful, overflowing garden in Susie’s backyard! Amazing, delicious, organic greens all day long!

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Susie (00:02):

Okay. I’m here with Kirk Sohr from Yard2Kitchen.

Kirk (00:05):

Hey Folks!

Susie (00:07):

Yard2kitchen. And he’s going to tell you what he set up in my backyard, which is extraordinary. And you can see this incredible harvest. We have, we have cilantro on the far side and spinach and some Asian greens and like a mesclun mix. It’s like crazy, crazy overflowing. So tell us what you set up here.

Kirk (00:32):

So this is the manufacturer is called Vigo garden. This is Illumizinc. It’s you know, sort of a metal composite. It’s very easy to put together guaranteed. They say it’s going to last 20 plus years. I mean, in Yard2kitchen, we do a lot of the typical wooden raised beds would only lasts as long as wood does, you know, and it tends to rot within, I’d say five to eight years, this, I mean, if we could get more people to do this, it would be the best. It’s certainly more expensive in the beginning, but you got a product that’s going to last three times as long as a normal wooden bed. And this was planted at the end of September, when most people think, ah, what’s left, my tomatoes are producing this and that these are greens that went in as seed in September. And this is a mesclun mix.

Susie (01:25):

And look at this…!

Kirk (01:26):

Susie claims she’s been coming out and trimming and giving it a haircut constantly but she can’t get on top of it.

Susie (01:31):

A giant bowl…

Kirk (01:32):

It just continues to grow…

Susie (01:34):

It doesn’t look like I made a dent in it.

Kirk (01:37):

Asian greens, spinach. And I mean, I love cilantro and the cilantro is just so clean and fresh.

Susie (01:43):

And anytime I’ve ever tried to grow cilantro, it comes up yellow and sort of lame. I want to go back to these beds for a second, because one of the great things about these beds is you can configure them in different shapes, right? And they come in different heights too. Right?

Kirk (02:01):

Different Heights, different shapes. This, this particular, this is called the nine in one you’re actually more than nine pieces. You could do a couple of configurations. You can make this a little wider rectangle. You can make it a full square, or as Susie did not want to like impose on her nice open backyard. She wanted something narrow and flat against the wooden fence here. It doesn’t take much space. Put in a nice little drip irrigation…

Susie (02:31):

Which is amazing because I wanted as little fuss as possible and as little opportunity for me to screw this up

Kirk (02:37):

And it’s on a timer. So it’s total no-brainer yeah. You just come out and harvest.

Susie (02:43):

And it waters the garden beds like 20 minutes every day?

Kirk (02:48):

Twenty minutes in the morning. Yup. Guess the interview’s over with that sound there.

Susie (02:52):

That’s all right. That’s the sound of fall in South Orange

Kirk (02:56):

Yes it is, the sound of Fall? So website is yard, the number two take a peek. We got plenty of clients in this area, up in Summit, pretty much based out of Short Hills, Maplewood area.

Susie (03:09):

And it’s been amazing because I never have to go to the grocery store.

Kirk (03:12):

For greens, certainly not for greens. And this is just the fall season. We do a summer with tomatoes and peppers and eggplant. And we do a spring. The spring garden starts in April and it’s much like this. It’s a lot of hearty greens.

Susie (03:26):

And I will say you also put in the compost, you did this mulching and the flowers in between.

Kirk (03:32):

Trying to get a little, sort of a pollinator thing happening between the vegetables to bring the bees and the butterflies and the hummingbirds here. So, yep. So nice space you got here, Susie!

Susie (03:44):

Yup and I’m thrilled with it. So everybody check it out. Yep. Thanks Kirk.

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