REal Talk Nov 13 2021 – Holiday Cookies!

Can’t believe last week was Thanksgiving and it’s already Dec! Well, no time to catch our breaths! Time to make some holiday cookies! So here are some of our faves 🙂 Please share your go to recipes!!


Chocolate Mint Candies Cookies –

Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe –

White Chocolate Trail Mix –


Anise Biscotti –

Chocolate Biscotti – (use the best possible cocoa)

Oreo Cookies –

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Susie (00:05):

Hi, Bonnie. 

Bonnie (00:06):

Hello. Uh, so I seeing you a lot lately, I have to say <laugh> yes.

Susie (00:13):

We just left each other five minutes ago.

Bonnie (00:17):

But I am always happy to see you for the most part.

Susie (00:20):

<laugh> nice. The most part <laugh> well, we often say it’s like a marriage, so yes

Bonnie (00:29):

It is. Yep. The good and the bad, but mostly the good I’d say

Susie (00:34):

Mostly, I would say so too. Yes. I mean, we do get to return to each other’s home, our respective homes. So that does help. I just realized my holiday cards are right behind my shoulder messing up the scene, but whatever. Okay. So last week, is it just last week? That was Thanksgiving

Bonnie (00:53):

No, yes…

Susie (00:56):

Yes. Uh, last week we talked about our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes or things. Recipes. Yes. Right. And unbelievably it’s already December. So we decided we were gonna talk about our favorite holiday cookies since it is the season for cookie exchanges. I’m hoping that the cookie exchange that I go every year is happening this year. Uh, last year didn’t happen. 

Bonnie (01:28):

I did like a virtual one last year where we all dropped off our stuff. And Stephanie, who was hosting it, who was amazing, made up all the boxes. And then you came back that evening and picked up your box. So that was special.

Susie (01:48):

Oh, I’ll suggest that to the host. Yeah. So, um, why don’t you start Bonnie, cuz I feel like your list is gonna be far more extensive and impressive than mine. And for, for those of you who don’t know, many of you do know, but Bonnie actually went to pastry school. So she’s not only like an ordinary home baker, but she’s pretty special. <laugh>

Bonnie (02:13):

Thanks, Susie. I will say though, most of the cookies I’ve been making, I’ve been making forever, not just for the last 10 years since I went to pastry school. Um, but I’m probably more choosy on what I like, you know, mm-hmm <affirmative> I don’t like every single cookie and uh, so the ones I do make, I feel like are pretty good and it’s very hard for me to choose which ones to share with you because there are so many, so I will add, if you’re watching this, and you want a specific recipe wanna ask me about, should I make this or that? Or do you have a recipe for rugelach, for example, or, um, really good coconut macaroons. You know, I have, I pretty much have a recipe for everything that’s tried and true and tested. So I’m happy to share with you.

Bonnie (03:04):

I’m not really the kind of baker that has secret recipes, maybe a couple, but mostly I’m very happy to share. So, um, I was thinking what I would like to share today and there’s one recipe that my kids really, really love and it’s actually quite simple to make it. It’s a chocolate cookie. Uh, it’s kind of fudgy. You have to take it out of the oven before you think it’s done. And then you put an Andes mint on the top, right? When they come outta the oven and then it melts and you take a little knife and you smooth it over the top and it creates like an icing that’s mint chocolate. And it’s, they’re just so, so delicious and they’re especially delicious straight out of the freezer. So I tend to bake a lot of cookies all of December and then our freezer’s just full of all different kinds that I can put out, um, or stick in the mail or whatever. So that is one that I love to make and stick in the freezer and share. Um, and my kids love that another…

Susie (04:03):

Lots ff people may know this tip, but I didn’t, that you can freeze cookies.

Bonnie (04:12):

That’s a great way to, to store extra cookies. As soon as it cools, I wrap it really well and stick it in the freezer, saran wrap things, and also put them in Ziploc bags. And there’s nothing wrong with freezing. People feel sometimes like that’s cheesy to take something outta the freezer, but it really preserves the freshness, you know, so that it’s absolutely at its most fresh when you serve it. So don’t be afraid of the freezer.

Another recipe I would love to share is a sugar cookie recipe for cut out cookies. I know they can be extremely difficult to cut out and they stick and you have to refrigerate and it’s a whole thing, but if you have a good recipe, it shouldn’t be that difficult. And I have found one that is tried and true easy. Um, they’re easy to cut out. They’re um, great to frost and fun for kids and adults alike to decorate. So I will put that recipe here as well. It’s actually a website of a woman who makes sugar cookies like for a living basically. So she’s got lots of tips and recipes, but I will link to the exact recipe that I use at the holidays to make cut out cookies. So we’ll start with those two. Let me know though, if you want any tips or anything, like I said, I really have a huge book of recipes for cookies.

Susie (05:32):

What other cookies do you make? 

Bonnie (05:35):

Uh, I make rugelach. I know that’s a year round cookie, but for me it’s a holiday cookie and I put all different kinds of filling like chocolate and raspberry or the typical cinnamon sugar raisin, uh, Walnut. 


I love rugelach!


You do <laugh> all right. Lemme know what flavors you like, cuz it’s, that’s fun. It’s more labor intensive, but I really like it. 

My grandmother had a recipe for sand tarts and it’s kind of a sugar cookie with like a thick egg white on the top and cinnamon and sugar. There’s an almond in the center. And to me that is Christmas. Like ever since I was born, I’ve had that cookie. I just met someone this year who made the exact same cookie and I had never seen that cookie anywhere else. And she lives here in Maplewood. And it was her grandmother’s recipe as well. 

Susie (06:27):

That’s awesome. Those are the best. 

Bonnie (06:29):

Yeah. And I make coconut macaroons. Sometimes I make homemade caramel that I put on pretzels and the caramel and then dip it in dirt chocolate. Uh, we make this really fun mix. We call it “white trash,” which is cereals and M and Ms and pretzels. And, um, it’s covered in white chocolate and that’s kind of an addictive snacky thing that I like put in a bowl when people…

Susie (06:51):

A sweet chex mix.

Bonnie (06:52):

Exactly. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, gingerbread men. We do sometimes, um, coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate.

Susie (07:03):

I love coconut macaroons. Those are like to me, the easiest things to make ever. If I, you know, when I used to go to parties and if I had to make dessert and I hadn’t planned enough, that’s what I would make. Cuz it’s so fast and so easy.

Bonnie (07:20):

Oh, that’s fun. I, I have a recipe from pastry school actually that you, you cook it on the stove with the egg white sugar and the coconut. Um, and then you put it, you know, scoop it out and bake it till it’s really nice. 

Susie (07:35):

Sounds like way more work than I do usually.

Bonnie (07:38):

Yes, but they are so, so, so good. So I’ll have to make those for you, Susie.

Susie (07:43):

Yes please.

Bonnie (07:45):

All right. You share. Cause you’re, you’re actually a great baker as well.

Susie (07:50):

I do love to bake. My sister like makes 12 different kinds of cookies during the holidays. I just don’t have that kind of energy or patience. So I, when I go to the cookie exchanges, I typically go with either my anise biscotti or chocolate biscotti, which I love. I know they’re supposed to be twice baked. I do twice bake them, but I don’t make them so hard. I like them kind of like softer, which I know is not traditional. And then I also love to make this cookie that to me is like such a cheat <laugh> cause it’s so delicious. 


Does it use Oreos? 


Yes. There are Oreo cookies. So they’re, I mean, here’s like an Oreo. So you take the Oreos, you crush them. And I usually try to get the peppermint Joe Joe’s. That’s a little bit more holiday and you know, they’re only seasonal. So my sister and I both like buy up 20 boxes and then I, yeah, you crush ’em and you wrap them up in basically a batter of more sugar and butter. So like what’s not to like, right. People freak out over these cookies. I’m like, but I kinda didn’t make it. Cause someone made the Oreos already and then I just slathered them in more good stuff!

Bonnie (09:09):

No, but they are delicious. They’re kinda like chocolate chip cookies, but with Oreo.

Susie (09:17):

So when I was on the board, um, I would make them and bring them to meetings and people would just like freak out over them. Yeah. So I have to make those again. I did buy several boxes of peppermint Joe Joe’s already nice just for that. Yeah.

Bonnie (09:33):

You’re gonna share that recipe and also your biscotti recipes. Yes. Yes. Awesome. You guys report back if you make any of these things and it’s a hit or a miss, you know? Yeah.

Susie (09:43):

And we’d love for you to share your favorite cookies so that everyone can have some new ones to try this year. I’m sure Bonnie and I will think of some others that we love and we’ll throw the links in, um, along with the ones that we’ve talked about.

Bonnie (09:57):

Yeah. Please share. It’s always fun to see what people make. 

Susie (10:01):

I feel like I’ve already gained 10 pounds just talking about it. <laugh>

Bonnie (10:06):

<laugh> I’m about to go make cream puffs. I’m having some friends over tomorrow. So more baking.

Susie (10:12):

My dad’s favorite dessert. I used to call them shoo cream and I thought that it was from sugar, but I got later that it was the choux from the paste. 

Bonnie (10:24):

Yes, exactly. C H O U X.

Susie (10:28):

It’s funny how Koreans use French words and you don’t expect it. 

Bonnie (10:34):

Yeah, that’s funny. All right. Everybody have a great weekend and uh, let us know if you have any questions. Yes. Happy baking.

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