REal Talk June 18, 2021 – Hats off to the Graduates!

We missed a week but we’re baaaaack!!! We’re celebrating the end of the school year, talking about Shakespeare in Our Parks (!!!), and giving a quick market update! Tune in and share!
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Video Transcript

Bonnie (00:04):


Susie (00:05):

Hi Bonnie. We missed a week. I’ve missed you!

Bonnie (00:09):

I’ve missed you.

Susie (00:12):

Has anyone missed us out there?

Bonnie (00:14):

Hello everyone!~ It’s been a busy few weeks. So we’re, we’re back.

Susie (00:22):

Why are you in yet another room?

Bonnie (00:23):


Susie (00:28):

Tell our fans.

Bonnie (00:29):

My house is still under construction and we have the best neighbors in the whole wide world. And we got to stay in one neighbor’s house for almost five months while they were out of the country. They are back and we’re so happy they’re back. But we had to move to another neighbor’s house because our house is not livable yet. So we have a lot of people in our house that are finishing all the last minute, electrical, plumbing, countertops, paint, floors, everything happens at the end.

Susie (00:57):

Yeah. So hopefully like in a week or two, we’ll have a big reveal!

Bonnie (01:04):

Maybe not in a week or two. Maybe…I mean, we’ll move in and then there’s a lot of work to do. So maybe this summer, for sure.

Susie (01:11):

I’ll give you some time to settle in, in the meantime, we just want to say congratulations to all the recent graduates, graduates to be all the students from preschool through, you know, college and graduate school.

Bonnie (01:26):

If you have gotten through this year of school. You can do anything. I just am so impressed with all these kids who were virtual all year, all these college kids who were coming and going and half virtual and half campus and all these seniors who just really adapted so well and were flexible and worked hard and learned new skills to get through everything. It’s really impressive.

Susie (01:51):

Absolutely. The perseverance and all the teachers and the administrators and the maintenance staff. My goodness, who had to clean so much more than usual and I’m sure maintain air filters and all kinds of things that they hadn’t had to do before. So just huge thanks and congratulations to everybody.

Bonnie (02:12):

Yes. And speaking of summer, summer is here. We wanted to remind everybody about the inaugural season of Shakespeare in Our Parks, meaning South Orange right here in our hometowns. And they are doing a production of Juliet and Her Romeo, which is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet obviously written by Nathan Darrow who lives right here in South Orange. So we really encourage all of y’all to check it out. It’s a free event. We are sponsoring this event and we could use your help. We have a big fundraising goal, and we’re not quite there yet. So we’ll put a link below this video so that if you have any spare change, it can be any amount, $5 up to $5,000 or more, whatever you can spare just to help get the arts back in our towns and get these actors back up and running. And the more theater we can promote right now, the more theater we will continue to have in our artistic community.

Susie (03:21):

Right? And we’re particularly passionate about this project because it is free to the public and not everybody has access to free live theater. And, you know, we all know, or most of us know how incredibly expensive live theater has become. And so we’re excited that this production is bringing together both student actors, as well as professional seasoned, extremely talented actors. That’s the whole vision of this production is to bring them together, to learn from each other and to make this exciting production happen. So please support this project.

Bonnie (03:59):

You know we didn’t say the dates, July 9th through 11 at 8:00 PM and also July 16th through 18th. So two weekends, you can bring a picnic spread out.

Susie (04:10):

It’s on Floods Hill. It’s where we just saw Matilda, which was amazing.

Bonnie (04:14):

Phenomenal. What an amazing feat that they threw that together to be able to perform for everyone. The turnout was amazing. The weather was great. It was awesome.

Susie (04:24):

Right. And interest rates have gone up a skooch. And how home markets the markets have been wild and rocky as per usual.

Bonnie (04:34):

Yep but more inventory in the last few weeks. So if you are still thinking about moving to New Jersey or thinking about house hunting, selling all those things, it’s still a good time for both actually right now. There are some houses that didn’t sell this past weekend that are terrific houses. We know a lot of people’s attentions are divided with summer coming, but there’s an opportunity to get a house.

Susie (05:01):

And sellers are doing quite well still. If they price appropriately, we’re able to get multiple offers for our last listing. In west orange. We have an upcoming one in Maplewood and we have one in Millburn that’s still active. So there’s still lots of activity going on, call us and we’ll talk you through your options and answer whatever questions you have.

Speaker 2 (05:24):

Yes, everyone have a wonderful weekend and happy summer. Yay. See you next time!

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