REal Talk July 20, 2021 – Let’s talk summer market and a meet-up!

I thought it was already August!! We are in summer mode, unlike 2020! Tune in to see what this summer’s market is looking like and where to find us tomorrow (Wed, 7/21)
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Video Transcript

Susie (00:02):

Hi, Bonnie.

Bonnie (00:03):

Hi Suzy. Good to see you.

Susie (00:08):

It’s been a few days. Yes. Why is that Bonnie? Why did we not see each other all weekend?

Bonnie (00:12):

We did not work this weekend. At least in real estate. I worked at unpacking and building Ikea furniture.

Susie (00:21):

Yes. And I decluttered my closet and that’s because this August is turning out to be like a normal August.

Bonnie (00:29):

Well, it’s July, It is still July still, silly.

Susie (00:33):

Oh yeah, you’re right. It feels like August.

Bonnie (00:35):

But we are seeing a little bit of a slow down, especially with buyers coming out from the city. We’re attributing that to 1) it’s the summertime 2) people are traveling. 3) Finally, the city is opening back up, which is exciting and wonderful. But it affects…

Susie (00:54):

Or getting vaccinated.

Bonnie (00:56):

So that sense of urgency has changed.

Susie (00:59):

Yeah. We did have two listings a couple of weeks ago that sold in the first weekend. Lots of traffic in our open houses. So the sellers are thrilled. It’s still a good time to sell. We’re just seeing fewer buyers than we had in the past. And certainly less busy than last July and August, which was, it felt like…right.

Bonnie (01:22):

Yeah. We usually do have a slowdown every August and every December, November, December, and last year that wasn’t the case, but this year it feels like we might be settling back into the traditional schedule of real estate. So…

Susie (01:37):

Yeah, that’d be great. Of course, it’s the Delta virus and all the other variants and what that’s going to do to the fall and winter as we head into the colder seasons where we’re less outside. So, you know, remains to be seen. Yeah, Wednesday I have a seminar to discuss COVID impact and update. So I am excited to report back after we attend that.

Bonnie (02:02):

Yes. We do want to thank everyone who came out and supported Shakespeare in our parks this weekend. It was such a great show, an amazing mix of talent, just high school kids and professionals. And I just was really impressed. I love seeing the after show more love. Yeah. Which was really clever. And it was just fun to see lots of different works of Shakespeare scenes and sonnets. And Nathan was incredible the way he explained. And I was so impressed with how he was rattling off all these Shakespeare names and telling you the plots, which are so complicated, just, he just knows so much, which was really fun to see.

Susie (02:44):

Huge, huge kudos to Nathan and Susan for pulling off this enormous production. You know, with COVID restrictions and outdoor, you know, summer thunderstorms. And it just was really beautiful, our community. So huge, thanks to them. And for all of our partners, sponsors helped us to make sure that this happened all on the website and we’re just really, really grateful to everybody for their support.

Bonnie (03:13):

Yes we are. And one more thing is happening this week. There is a neighborhood get together for newcomers. Yeah. Which is sponsored by the general store. And will be on Springfield avenue in the same parking lot where we have our farmer’s market, the Maplewood farmer’s market.

Susie (03:30):

Right. And it’s Wednesday at four o’clock. And I believe there will be like popsicles and, you know, various activities. We’ll have some tattoos for the kids. And you know, we’ll meet new neighbors who haven’t been able to get out and meet people during this silly season that we’ve been in.

Bonnie (03:51):

Yeah. We’ve run into a few clients recently that moved here during COVID and they’re like, this place is awesome! The pool is awesome. And we went to this concert and we did this and now she’s like, it really is a small town. We didn’t think we knew very many people, but we went to the pool and we knew everybody. So it’s been fun to like, see that excitement about just SOMA coming back to life. And I mean, everywhere kind of coming back to life. So that’s exciting.

Susie (04:18):

So if you consider yourself a newcomer, or just want to welcome newcomers, come join us and have a good time.

Bonnie (04:25):

Yeah. All right. Well, have a great week everybody. And we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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