10 Tools You May Not Know About

Courtesy of Compass NYC Sales Manager, Fritz Frigan:
I found a super interesting thread on Twitter and I thought it was worth sharing. Check the 10 web site or apps listed below. There is something for everyone. My favorite one is excelformulabot.com…. (you know I am obsessed with data!) I did not try it yet, but allegedly this app allows you to text or describe the data you want to calculate or extract from Excel, and the app will create an Excel formula for you! I hope you will find this useful or at least entertaining!
Let me know if any of them is your favorite and if you will be using them in your business or in your life! (P.S. I shared the list below for the first time I think in October last year… since then ChatGPT has emerged as a powerful tool that can perform many of the tasks mentioned below).
1. Removepaywall.com

Bypass paywalls. If I regularly read a website, I’ll pay for it. But when I occasionally need to check an article from a website I don’t regularly read, I use RemovePaywall to lift the paywall.
2. Myfridgefood.com Make the best possible meal with whatever you have. If you can’t decide what to eat, just let MyFridgeFood know what’s in your fridge and it will tell you what meals you can make and how you can make them. A great way to discover new recipes.  

3. Hemingwayapp.com Craft better sentences.  

Most of us use more words than necessary. Trim the fat from your writing with this AI copyeditor. Just paste your text into the page and the robot will show you how each sentence can be improved. 
Type emails & documents by speaking. Typing can be arduous, especially when you’re on the move. But Dictation.io lets you compose messages in Google Chrome simply by talking, and it’s faster and more accurate than a human typist.
5. Consensus.app Get answers based on the latest research. Google is cool and all, but it tends to favor popular answers over correct ones. Consensus.app uses AI to find evidence-based answers from the latest academic research.
6. 10minutemail.com Protect your privacy. Increasingly you must provide an email address to access websites or sign up for services. This often leads to your inbox being spammed. 10minutemail lets you create temporary email addresses so you can keep your main one safe.
7. Kialo.com See both sides of the debate. Online, it’s easy to get trapped in echo chambers of like-minded people where your beliefs are never challenged. Kialo presents a more complete view of reality by showing you the best arguments on both sides of a debate.
8. Pdfdrive.com Read millions of books for free. A pdf search engine that lets you download and read over 80 million books for free. (I don’t condone piracy, so please check you’re not breaking any laws before downloading!)
9. Excelformulabot.com Convert text instructions into Excel formulae. Forgotten an Excel formula? Simply tell ExcelFormulaBot in plain language what you want to do, and it will tell you the formula to do it.
10. Tinywow.com Modify any media. TinyWow is an online toolbox that lets you do hundreds of things with your files, such as editing PDFs, converting videos to GIFs, and removing backgrounds from pictures.

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