REal Talk May 23 2021 – Renovations & Pool time!

Contractors, reno materials, and the end AAPI Heritage month — pool party!!
Experience, local knowledge, responsiveness, connections are key to selling your home and/or finding one in this crazy market! Message us today to get answers to your questions.

Video Transcript

Susie (00:03):

Hi Bonnie. Hello, we’re late this week with our real talk.

Bonnie (00:09):

I know! I’m seeing you on a Sunday instead of Thursday or Friday.

Susie (00:15):

I know we’re so busy we haven’t had time to make this recording, but today we’re going to just talk about the shortage of contractors, which many of our Watchers are probably aware of? What does that mean?

Bonnie (00:27):

Yes, it is. It’s not only a shortage of contractors, it is a shortage of supply. So there’s a supply and demand delay right now. And it’s affecting everything from lumber. The price of lumber apparently has gone up four times. The usual cost of a simple two by four is four times the cost right now. And then it’s spreading out to things like, for example, I ordered a vanity mirror and we’re going on like six months of waiting for it. Like big box places like pottery barnthings like toilets, bathtubs, shower, heads, kitchen appliances. We’re hearing a lot of details. So that affects you if you’re buying a fixer upper, one, it’s going to affect your price on renovations. Two, it affects you if you’re a seller and you need to refresh your house before selling. So basically bringing this information to you so that you can think ahead. It’s really important that if you were going to, even if you’re going to just paint your house, get in touch with us, even if you don’t want to sell until the fall so that we can line up some good people to get on their schedules ahead of time. And if we need to order a new toilet or you need to order a new stove for your kitchen you gotta think ahead and plan those things out.

Susie (01:56):

That’s right. And on a slightly happier note, we have the end of Asian American Pacific Islander heritage month, which has been all of May and a big celebration that we’re going to have in-person will be to open the South Orange pool a little bit early. That’ll be on Friday and I will post the link at the end of this video so that you can register if you and your family can make it.

Bonnie (02:23):

I can’t believe we’re at the end of may. Already. Summer is here. Basically

Susie (02:29):

There’ll be a DJ and there’ll be children’s activities and lots of fun and most importantly, it’ll just be an opportunity to gather with the community.

Bonnie (02:37):

Yes. So we hope to see you there and we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you again soon. Okay, bye.



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