REal Talk June 26, 2021 – Susie’s LBI Picks!

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Video Transcript

Susie (00:02):

Hi, Bonnie.

Bonnie (00:03):

Hi Susie. Welcome home.

Susie (00:06):

Thank you. It was such a great week off and I appreciate you holding down the Fort. We had a very, very busy work week that you managed mostly by yourself.

Bonnie (00:15):

That’s okay. I’m so glad you got away. You had gorgeous weather.

Susie (00:18):

I did!

Bonnie (00:20):

I want to hear all about your trip.

Susie (00:21):

Yes. I thought we’d share a little bit about the Jersey shore because I didn’t grow up going to the shore. I didn’t grow up knowing much about the shore at all, having grown up in Maryland. I hope you guys can see this map, but this is LBI, which is not the entire Jersey shore, but it is the top portion. And what I have learned in my research is that LBI is made up of six municipalities. All these names up here are not specific municipalities. The six municipalities on Long Beach Island are Long Beach Township, which is the largest, Barnegat Light, Harvey, Cedars, Surf City, Ship Bottom and Beach Haven. So last year we had a house in Beach Haven, and this year we had a house in Ship Bottom, which is closer to where you get onto the island and it’s very centrally located. So it was really great.

Bonnie (01:24):

How long does it take to drive from the top to the bottom.

Susie (01:27):

Good question. I’m going to guess it’s like an hour from top to bottom. It was about 20 minutes to half an hour to Barnegat light where we went to the lighthouse. Beautiful. And yeah, like maybe 40 minutes, 45 minutes, top to bottom. Okay. Not too big. So, and you kind of go through multiple towns as you go to different restaurants and places. So I thought I’d focus on all the places we ate and drank this weekend because of course the thing that I cared about most so I’ll start in categories. I tried to take notes. So we went to Shore Good Donuts one day, or actually Scott went and got us a whole box of donuts that was delicious. Kinda like Duck Donuts and what is the place that we like in Rehobeth? Oh, I can’t remember now, but you know, those, the like cakey donuts that have lots of different flavors and he got coffee from How You Brewin’ in Surf City. We also got coffee from Coffee Nest and Coastal Coffee in Surf City and The Local, which was one of my favorite places. But the best coffee that we had I think was probably from Coastal Coffee. Their Iced coffee was really complex. And it was a cold brew, really, really delicious. So we tried all different places to get our feel. Let’s see, for breakfast we also had baked goods, like a whole smattering of baked breads from The Local, which was probably my favorite place on the island. And you would love it, Bonnie, to me it was very Montclair like, and you know sort of like Jackie and Son, but a little bit more rusticky beach sheik. Yeah, they had tons of amazing baked goods, like, you know, the cinnamon rolls and things like that.

Susie (03:36):

And donuts, the more yeasty donuts, which I love, but also things like cruffins, you know, croissant muffins. They had homemade pop tarts. They had a Nutella flavor and strawberry, and this morning we had a blueberry with with lemon icing. They had prosciutto bread, which we bought this morning, which was delicious. They just had like pies. And then they also had a market with like prepared foods and lots of things that I got you a gift from. So just you wait. And they had gifts and things like that. We also had breakfast at the iconic Chicken or The Egg, which is also known as Chegg delicious, you know, kind of something for everybody. And the service was excellent. And then we had lunch at I can’t remember now we had a lunch actually, not particularly memorable, so it’s not really important, but dinners, we had some good dinners…LA Bamba, which is a Mexican place and amazing fish tacos.

Susie (04:41):

You would love in Long Beach. We had dinner at let’s see Ship Bottom Shellfish, which is very well known, which was good. Yeah. We’ve had dinner there before. It’s good. I mean, it gets a lot of really rave reviews. I think it’s good. It was great. And then we had dinner last night at Parker’s Garage, which you would also love, love, love, right on the water I had these little, first of all, we had oysters which were deliciousall kinds of east coast, west coast, delicious. And we had these clam chowder croquettes that were to die for, like, I’m going to dream about these croquettes and I’m not a huge clam chowder fan because it’s a little too creamy for me too rich.

Bonnie (05:34):

Was it filled?!

Susie (05:34):

It was like a bite. It was like, you know, it was breaded and fried, but then you bite into it. It was just the perfect bite of creamy, smoky clam chowder. Like the ham from the smokiness from the ham it just was like the perfect combination of flavors. And it was like, BOOM, in your mouth. So good. So good. And they had these tuna toasts that you’d like, you know, tuna tartare on these little toasts. I kept thinking of you Bonnie cause I was like, oh, Bonnie would love this, so delicious.

Bonnie (06:08):

Sounds delicious. Yeah.

Susie (06:10):

And then I had lobster and corn pappardelle with homemade pasta. It was a non-dairy sauce that wasn’t too heavy and it was just perfect, like perfect taste of summer and the sea. That was really a highlight of our week. We went to the Ship Bottom Brewery, which was super fun, live music, you know, all the good stuff. And then dessert, we had some great desserts Uncle Louie G’s, which is, they call themselves the best Italian ice in America.

Bonnie (06:45):

I used to go, there in Brooklyn. They have that.

Susie (06:48):

Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah! I was obsessed with them last year. We went, I think, three times this week and I got a little bit over it just cause, you know, you shouldn’t go that many times anywhere for Italian ice, but we also went to Ship Bottom Ice Cream, which is a new place that just opened this week with homemade ice cream, amazing coffee ice cream there. And then we got probably one of the best Berry pies I’ve had in a very long time from Country Corner market in ship bottom. I love verry pies. And they had a Very Berry pie that rivaled but not quite beat the Mennonite pie that I love from like this random place in Virginia.

Bonnie (07:32):

Uh huh, I’ve heard you talk about the Mennonite pies…

Speaker 1 (07:35):

Yes my Mennonite pie. Mennonite pie of my dreams.

Bonnie (07:38):


Susie (07:38):

So yeah, I’m sure I’ve missed a few places, but clearly we ate well, really well.

Bonnie (07:44):

Sounds amazing. Was it crowded?

Susie (07:46):

It was not too bad. I mean the beaches, we always found a spot right there. A spot where we could watch the kids, the waters were cold but the kids had a great time. The waves were great. You know, they were able to really have fun in the beach. The weather was not so hot that you couldn’t sit out for too long that it was sort of warm enough and breezy enough, it was just really the perfect beach weather. So everybody get out to the store.

Bonnie (08:18):

Yeah! Can we link some of the places you went in this video for anyone going to LBI for some recommendations.

Susie (08:20):

Definitely. I’ve scoured many a recommendation and sites and my favorites definitely mirror some of the recommendations, but not always agreed. So I’ll definitely put in mine.

Bonnie (08:40):

And just for everyone’s information and mine how long of a drive was it to get there?

Susie (08:45):

So Ship Bottom was about an hour and a half. And you can certainly get to, you know, other parts of the island in an hour, hour and a half, really to most any part of LBI.

Bonnie (08:57):

Yeah. So if you don’t want to fly, the Jersey shore is a great place to be. Even for the day or for the afternoon and just sit for a few hours, you know, for sunset on the beach.

Susie (09:08):

Totally. Yeah. And there are some of the beaches on LBI that are free. Other ones you have to get day passes, but some of them are free.

Bonnie (09:18):

Right. Okay. Well, thanks for sharing. I’m so glad it was so wonderful.

Susie (09:23):

Yeah! Back to work this week! Although I was working a little this week.

Bonnie (09:27):

Yeah. So never really take time off. Even when I tell you to.

Susie (09:31):

That’s okay. Couldn’t be helped. There’s a lot going on. Yeah. So we’ll get back to market talk next week.

Bonine (09:38):

Yep. Have a good weekend, everybody.

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