REal Talk July 9, 2021 – Let us connect you!

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This week, we talk about the connections we love making for people!! We know these towns inside and out and have loads of recs that you can pursue with confidence! PLUS, Shakespeare in Our Parks update, and our new listings! Juliet & Her Romeo:
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Video Transcript

Susie (00:03):

Hi Bonnie~.

Bonnie (00:03):

I think I usually say hi first. So I was waiting.

Susie (00:09):

Oh no, I think it’s the other way.

Bonnie (00:12):

No? Hi Susie.

Susie (00:15):

You’re back in your house!

Bonnie (00:16):

I’m back in my house and I have a full-on summer cold. So don’t mind my voice. Sorry about that.

Susie (00:24):

No, it’s not covid, not covid!

Bonnie (00:26):

I’m on the mend, but…

Susie (00:27):

Once you clean up, you’ll have to give us a tour of the new digs.

Bonnie (00:32):

I would gladly do that. I am still waiting on a bathtub and a few other things that are just going to drag this whole project out, but we are at least in our house, which is lovely.

Susie (00:43):

Yeah. Hallelujah! So this week we thought we were talking this week with Shannon Aronson, our amazing team leader. And one of the things that we discussed is how much we love being connectors and how much we love being a resource that for us being realtors is certainly not just about being a resource during the buying and selling process, but really all the time. When we tell our clients that we’re here for you, as long as we’re around. So…

Bonnie (01:12):

It’s funny, just last night I was sitting on my deck and one of my neighbors walked down my driveway and around, and she showed me a picture of a little leak she has in her bathroom. And so I was asking her all sorts of questions about it to help to help me give her the right person to understand what was going on. And she said, wow, Bonnie, you know, so much stuff. Why do you know all this? And I said, well, I’m a realtor, but I go to a lot of home inspections and I learned a lot about houses over the last five years. I can tell you, you know, and she’s like, oh yeah, I guess that’s true. But it is true. We do know a lot about a lot of things and are happy to be. I was so happy to give her a handyman and you know, a few other people she could call to come and check out her situation. But we’re always happy to give resources to anyone. To anyone who needs them.

Susie (02:02):

Yeah! We’ve gotten emails from past clients just this week, asking for recommendations for cleaning people and for architects. And what did Laura ask us for?

Bonnie (02:12):

Laura? Oh, she wanted what did oh, a tile guy. So I referred her to a couple of different tile guys that are amazing. Someone also asked me for a dog groomer this week and our cleaning lady. We constantly refer out to people. Babysitters…

Susie (02:32):

Our roofer. People love, love, love our roofer.

Bonnie (02:33):

Yeah. We were just on a call a few minutes ago. Someone asking to be connected with somebody from a different school board, which we gladly will do. Obviously Susie has a lot of those connections. Yeah. So please use us as a resource. We’re not just here to buy and sell houses for you. We love doing that of course, but we love to connect you with good people. We have a highly vetted list of pretty much anyone you could need for pretty much anything so…

Susie (02:59):

And we can make recommendations for doctors and restaurants and, you know, we’ve eaten pretty much at most of the places in the immediate area. So whether you need the best Vietnamese or Chinese or fried chicken sandwich, Fox and Falcon. So yeah, anything that you need recommendations for. Okay. So let us know if you need our help in that. And we also wanted to talk quickly about this horrible summer weather we’re having that’s thunderstorms every day, which has interfered with the schedule for Shakespeare in our Parks.

Bonnie (03:41):

Boo-Hoo! So they’ve not been able to really be on their right tech schedule because of the thunderstorms and because of the incoming rain tonight and tomorrow night, they are postponing opening night. It will not be tomorrow night, the ninth, we are hoping it will be Saturday the 10th. If you do show up tomorrow night, you will probably see them doing a dress rehearsal if it’s not pouring. But it looks like Saturday, we will keep you posted on our social media. They are going to make the call Saturday morning. If is that right, Susie, Saturday morning, maybe tomorrow morning. So…

Susie (04:13):

Well, we’re going to post a link to the Facebook event page. And if you subscribe to that, then you’ll get the updates and we recommend that you do that because the weather is ever changing. And so we just want to make sure that everybody gets the right information.

Bonnie (04:28):

Yes. And there is a rain date for Monday. So it looks for sure ee’ll have a show Sunday and Monday, hopefully Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then again, next weekend.

Susie (04:37):

And please plan to attend. The students particularly have put a lot of heart and soul into this and they’re working with professional actors and it’s just going to be an amazing production. We can’t wait to see it. So we just really want to support this inaugural event because we just want to see more of these. We want to see more live theater in our, in our towns.

Bonnie (05:00):

Definitely. It’d be awesome to watch Shakespeare in Our Parks grow into like a bigger event every year. So definitely. One more thing we wanted to share is we have two new listings this week, one in west orange, 20 colony drive east in west orange. It is an awesome spacious open flowing house. With a fenced in backyard, it’s got a master suite, it’s got a lot going for it, meticulously maintained. And then we have, and that’s a tudor and we have a colonial 22 Berkshire road in Maplewood. That is also a great house with so many different spaces. It’s got a screen in porch that’s to die for. It wraps around the back of the house.

Susie (05:42):

Two sides of the house. Yup!

Bonnie (05:44):

Yea, great, huge side yard. It’s right near Clinton elementary school. It has big bedrooms and awesome finished third floor and a huge finished basement, which is awesome for a rec room, space, movies, watching all kind of stuff. We’ll be open Sunday, 1-4. Excuse me. Both. Yep. So if your friends are looking or coming in from the city, send them our way, we’d love to help them.

Susie (06:08):

It’s a great time to buy because interest rates are still low and there’s not quite as much competition. So snatch up the home while you can, while everybody else is snoozing and vacation. Yeah.

Bonnie (06:18):

It’s true. The rate today is 2.875 for 30 year, which is just incredible. It went back down to that. So definitely a good time to take advantage of that.

Susie (06:29):

Yep. All right. Okay.

Bonnie (06:31):

Have a good week everyone! Take care. Bye.

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