REal Talk Nov 13 2021 – Thanksgiving!

Watch this week’s REal Talk for some of Bonnie & Susie’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes!


Ribs –

Momofuku Brussels Sprouts –

BONUS: The best cranberry bread!!


Cajun Cornbread Dressing –

Momofuku Brussels Sprouts –

Cranberry Relish –

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Susie (00:03):

Hi, Bonnie

Bonnie (00:04):

<Laugh>. Hi, Susie.

Susie (00:06):

Let’s talk Turkey, Bonnie <laugh>

Bonnie (00:09):

Let’s do it.

Susie (00:12):

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not yours.

Bonnie (00:16):

Funny. I just, I was just at Trader Joe’s and the guy was like, “So are you cooking?” And I, you know, I answered and he’s like, “I don’t know anybody who likes Thanksgiving. I don’t know anybody who likes to cook or eat Thanksgiving.” I was like, “I do!” And he’s like, “Who??” He like seriously wanted to know!

I thought of, yeah, I thought of you!


Well, I’m gonna find him! I’m gonna like hunt down this man. Trader Joe’s was it empty? Was it crowded?

Bonnie (00:47):

It was not crowded, but I specifically went right as school was getting out because I knew it would not be crowded.

Susie (00:53):

That is the best time. Tip of the day. Best time to go to Trader Joe’s or any grocery store for that matter is at school pickup time. Years ago I discovered that Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the time to shop. Cause no one is foolish enough to wait until Tuesday like us. 

So, we thought we would share our favorite family Thanksgiving recipes and we’ll put links after we post. So go ahead and start. What are some of the things that you love to make and eat?

Bonnie (01:35):

Well, I have to say, I used to make all the traditional Thanksgiving stuff. And then my husband, Matt said, told me he, he actually secretly hates Thanksgiving food. So we’ve been married for like 10 years when he told me this. So for the last 10 years, he’s just kind of, he eats it, but it’s so much work. It’s so expensive. You spend all day cooking and then no one really eats it. And my house, we eat it for one meal, but then the leftovers get thrown away. It just feels like, Ugh, it’s just not our favorite. So we are making ribs this year.

Susie (02:13):


Bonnie (02:14):

I’m excited. And I do have, it’s not really a recipe, but I’ll post it. We do ribs in the crockpot and they take like eight… you know, you do a dry rub and it takes like eight hours. And then when you’re done, you can put them either on, in the grill or in the oven. And everybody goes crazy for them. We do still do some traditional side dishes because I also decided a few years ago that I really wanted my kids involved in Thanksgiving because it was like me spending all day in the kitchen. And then the kids would, you know, come and eat. And that was it. Yeah. I wanted it to be a, a family affair. So each child got to choose what they’re having or what they’re gonna help make. And we’ve been doing this for many years. So Isla voted for pumpkin pie, which is also not my favorite, but she’s making pumpkin pie. Magnolia wants cranberry sauce, even though there’s no Turkey <laugh> so having…

Susie (03:06):

Well, it’ll go with ribs.

Bonnie (03:09):

Sure. Yeah. Every anything goes, Susie, anything goes. Alister wanted he wanted a green salad, a farm salad with apples and walnuts and cheese. And…

Susie (03:22):

Please come get some greens from my backyard before it freezes tonight!

Bonnie (03:28):

I’ll do that! So he’s making a salad. Matt wanted Brussels sprouts. So we are gonna do just like you, the Momofuku roasted Brussels. It’s a, like a fish sauce, which is so good. So we’re doing that. And we’re also making twice baked potatoes with like cheese. Okay.

Susie (03:48):

Delicious little twist on the theme. Yeah, I like it. Yes. Sounds delicious.

Bonnie (03:54):

It will be delicious. And then I also make my brioche cinnamon rolls. Every Thanksgiving we wake up, we have cinnamon rolls and we watch the entire Macy’s day parade in our pajamas and drink a lot of coffee and then we get to cooking. So that’s kind of our tradition.

Susie (04:14):

Okay. Well, so I DO love Thanksgiving, as I mentioned. I do loathe the parade. I actually dislike all parades. I don’t get the point of them at all. I don’t think they’re any fun. I think they’re super boring. So anyway…

Bonnie (04:32):

The Broadway performers and the…

Susie (04:35):

But they’re all lip synced. I don’t know. Just whatever, glad other people, obviously other people enjoy them. <Laugh>

Bonnie (04:43):

Yes. So I, I agree with you there.

Susie (04:47):

So I this year we’re going to my sister’s house. We alternate between my husband Scott’s family’s house and my sister’s house. So I never host Thanksgiving, which is great. But I do make sides wherever we go. So I will almost always make Cajun cornbread stuffing. And I make a cranberry relish because Ben and I love the relish, the fresh, you know, cranberry with the oranges. And he makes that now, which is great. We do make the Brussels sprouts every year with the Momofuku Asian vinaigrette, which is delicious. Yeah. And this actually, we almost always fry it because our tradition for 20 plus years in both families now has been to deep fry the Turkey. So while you’ve got that giant vat of hot oil, we like to throw as much as possible into the fryer.

Susie (05:53):

We often buy extra turkeys in order to make, you know, make good use of it. So we leave with almost a whole Turkey. This year, I kind of forgot to get a Turkey. So bummer. I’m outta practice because last year we didn’t have Thanksgiving with everybody. Right. Yeah, so we’ll do the Brussels and that is a family affair. We get four big bags from Costco and Scott and the boys usually trim and prep that while I’m making the cornbread. So it is much easier than when the boys were little. We do make it a family affair as well. Everybody’s gotta participate. I’m very much of the mindsets, like the hen, you know, that story, you don’t help make the food. You shouldn’t eat the food. So…

Bonnie (06:40):

<Laugh> no, I don’t know if I know that story…

Susie (06:42):

You know the story, the, hen that like asked all the farm animals, if they would help out with the bread and everyone said, oh, I’m too busy or whatever. And every step of the way they didn’t help out. So then at the end, they were all excited to eat the bread and she was like, too bad, suckers! You don’t get any <laugh> that’s not quite how it was in the children’s book, but it was the same sentiment. <Laugh> yeah.

Bonnie (07:06):

That’s hilarious. Yeah.

Susie (07:09):

Well, all right. So we’ll post our recipes and hope everybody has an amazing Thanksgiving.

Bonnie (07:15):

Yes. Enjoy your Turkey day or your rib to, or I know my neighbors have a Mexican feast. So whatever makes you happy really, and thankful and enjoy your time with your friends and family.

Susie (07:28):

Yes. I’m thankful for you, Bonnie!

Bonnie (07:29):

I’m thankful for you, Susie,

Susie (07:32):

And we’re thankful for all of you.

Bonnie (07:34):

Yes. All right, Happy Thanksgiving. Bye!

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