Author: Tandem Compass New Jersey LLC

Rising Property Premiums

Courtesy of Robert A. Davis, President, Davis Agency Insurance It is now late March 2023 and Property Insurance premiums continue to rise. Most people are seeing their homeowner’s insurance premiums going up by 10 – 15% this year with many seeing even higher increases. There are several factors behind the rising cost of property insurance. […]

REal Talk October 3, 2022 Confused by home prices? So is everyone! Having a hyper-local expert is your best bet for finding or selling a home in these times of transition... listen in for more on this... Susie (00:01): <laugh> Kelly, get in Bonnie (00:03): Here. <laugh>. Susie (00:04): Okay. So we haven't done a real talk in a [...]

REal Talk August 01 2022 Susie (00:03): Hi, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:04): Hi Susie. I like your new haircut. Susie (00:07): <laugh> Thank you! It's been a minute again. It's been a busy summer busier than we anticipated. We did have a hot minute where we got to take a breath. But it's good news for everyone that the market [...]
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