Author: Susie Adamson

Dogs of SOMA 2023 Calendars are Here!

It’s here! The Dogs of SOMA 2023 Calendar!  Don’t wait to place an order for this GREAT gift!  Deadline for orders is November 27th.  Calendars will be ready for pickup at Pet Wants in South Orange and The General Store in Maplewood in early December – just in time for the holidays!  “We received an […]

REal Talk October 3, 2022

Confused by home prices? So is everyone! Having a hyper-local expert is your best bet for finding or selling a home in these times of transition... listen in for more on this... Susie (00:01): <laugh> Kelly, get in Bonnie (00:03): Here. <laugh>. Susie (00:04): Okay. So we haven't done a real talk in a while, [...]

REal Talk August 01 2022

Susie (00:03): Hi, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:04): Hi Susie. I like your new haircut. Susie (00:07): <laugh> Thank you! It's been a minute again. It's been a busy summer busier than we anticipated. We did have a hot minute where we got to take a breath. But it's good news for everyone that the market is [...]

REal Talk June 23, 2022

Susie (00:01): Hi, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:02): Hi, Susie. Susie (00:04): And hi, Kelly! Bonnie (00:04): Kelly! Bonnie (00:08): So excited to have you on REal Talk, Kelly! It's your official REal Talk debut. Susie (00:16): Yes. Debut. So for those of you who haven't heard... Kelly Lombardi, our good friend and excellent real estate agent [...]

REal Talk May 20, 2022 – How’s the Market?

Speaker 1 (00:03): Hi, Bonnie. Speaker 2 (00:04): Hi Susie. Long time, no REal talk. Speaker 1 (00:08): I know I miss saying, "Hi, Bonnie." <laugh>. Okay. So we thought we should just do a market update cause we haven't done one in a while and the market has changed. Speaker 2 (00:19): Things are [...]
About Those Magnolia Trees

About Those Magnolia Trees

Isn’t weather fun? As we wait for Winter and Spring to make up their minds about who’s turn it is, it’s not just our moods that suffer. You’ve probably noticed Magnolia trees suffering from winter burn after our recent weather-whiplash.  We reached out to our friend, Catherine Redd, owner of Catherine Redd Horticulture + Landscape, for some advice: […]

Mom-Owned Business Networking Event

Mom-Owned Business Networking Event – Wed, 4/6, 7-9pm at Mana, 2168 Millburn Avenue, 206, Maplewood (same building as Carolina Drug & Surgical at the corner of Valley & Millburn Ave)   Happy April, Moms*! Some of you may remember our Startup Showdown (originally Mompreneur Madness) competition, in collaboration with General Store Cooperative. We started that […]

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