South Orange

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Our Town
  • Total Land Area: 2.8 square miles
  • Approximate population: 16,743 (2018 Census)
  • Distance to NYC: 17.2 miles
Emergency Services

Police: (973) 763-3000
Fire: (973) 378-7751


Trains: NJ Transit
Morris-Essex Schedule

Commuter Parking Info

Jitney Service (Annual Jitney passes valid from January 1st to December 31st):

12 Month Jitney Pass  $300.00 only available in the parking office
Non-resident Riders Pass  $450.00 (that live in South Orange borders)
Single Ride  $2.00 cash each way (pay exact amount on bus; drivers do not make change)

Attention: All Riders are required to show their Jitney passes Every time you are boarding the buses. No exceptions.

For Jitney Schedules, please click the following links:

Newstead Schedule

Irvington Schedule

Tuxedo Park Montrose Schedule

Audley/Wyoming/Vose Schedule

For the Senior Bus Schedule, please contact the Baird Recreation Center Desk at (973) 378-7754 for the most recent information and schedules.


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