Mom Owned Business Networking Group

First Meet-Up of 2023!

Tuesday, February 21st 

The General Store Cooperative  (
1875 Springfield Ave, Maplewood)


Feed Yourself First – Culinary Mental Wellness


You’ve heard the phrase “you can’t give from an empty cup,” but have you stopped to think about what it actually means? As busy business owners and caregivers, we often forget to focus on self nourishment and inner harmony while running a business and raising kids! In this workshop with Elena Tedeschi of Well Rooted Kitchen and Arielle Teicher of
Mind Body Food NTP, we will discuss how prioritizing feeding your own mental wellbeing will create a strong foundation for growth and success in both your personal and business life. We will even sample some brain boosting treats!
Learning objectives:
* How food and nutrition impact your mental health
* Top 10 foods for improving your brain health & how to stock a brain healthy kitchen
* How to use cooking as a therapeutic mind- body tool
* Recipes and cooking tips on how to incorporate brain food into your diet.
About Elena Tedeschi
Elena’s passion is helping people of all ages and abilities discover their inner chef. Elena believes that cooking is a powerful tool that can motivate, educate, and build strong foundations for a delicious & fulfilled life.
Before graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, Elena was a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst and Verbal Behavior therapist for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She left the more “traditional” therapy world to pursue her culinary passions. Along the way she also certified in Ayurvedic Nutrition, Postpartum Support and Nutritional Psychology. She has combined her many passions by teaching life skills through cooking. She loves to share her knowledge about nutrition, the effect of food on mood, and how to utilize cooking as a therapeutic activity. Whether it’s helping people translate medically prescribed diets into easy to make meals or practicing executive functioning skills while cooking, she is passionate about empowering people to cultivate and create culinary confidence which will then radiate into their life beyond the kitchen.
She currently offers Culinary Mental Wellness Coaching and Adaptive Cooking Classes. In all that she does, she strives to show the world that cooking should be adventurous, yet approachable, exciting and most of all DELICIOUS!
Connect with the Well Rooted Kitchen:
As a nutritional therapy practitioner, Arielle helps clients transform their eating habits, lifestyle routines, and nutritional understandings to support their physical and mental health.
After experiencing continuous digestive issues (ulcers, SIBO, acid reflux, leaky gut, food sensitivities) for many years and struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression, she tried to get solutions from doctors but was not finding them. After pursuing nutrition, she learned how every part of the body is connected and how all of the issues were related.
She studied and graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association and works with clients 1:1 on pinpointing the effects of different foods on both mind and body. She has a holistic approach that empowers others to achieve their health goals and create a plan that is long-lasting, sustainable, and realistic. She leans away from restriction, and more towards what nutrients can be added to diets that will benefit the body as a whole. She also gives wellness talks for corporations to support their health and wellness initiatives.
Prior to becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Arielle spent ten years in the Department of Education, working in the special education district as a teacher and then a coach for teachers. Her passion for working with children and teenagers gave her first-hand experience in helping a wide range of individual needs and adapting traditional education for all different learners. This skill comes in handy in her current work when developing nutrition plans for each individual person.


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