2021 Startup Showdown – VOTE FOR THE WINNER!

For an overview of the Startup Showdown: the Mother of All Competitions, our prize package, sponsors, timeline, and terms & conditions, please go to: https://tandemnj.com/startupshowdown/

You may vote once per round, for ONE business. Voting for this round ends at midnight on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

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Final 2

Let’s Stay In SOMA

Owner: Nicole Aikins

Let’s Stay In | SOMa is a service that curates a date/fun night in, partnering with local vendors and restaurants, to create an intimate experience for couples & friend groups at home. It brings together all things great local to South Orange/Maplewood, while experiencing from the comfort of your home.

Our mission is to curate personal experiences at home, allowing people to remain connected to each other while disconnecting from the world temporarily.

Little Apple Arts

Owner: Becky Fisher

If this year has taught me anything it has been that you can’t control what happens to you BUT you can control how you react. My reaction to Broadway going dark over a year ago has been to choose joy and to connect two of my great loves, Theatre and KIDS, through Little Apple Arts!

We are local Broadway Professionals offering Theatrical Enrichment to kids. We have been meeting outdoors and masked since September, with the class leaders traveling to individual groups/pods of kids for Covid safety. We learn about Theatre and Theatrical productions while we sing, dance, act and play together. We currently offer classes and camps for ages 4-12 and we look forward to transitioning and expanding appropriately as the world creeps back to “normal.” We love connecting our passion for theatre with kids and we are honored to share our skills, experience and joy with our community!