Steve & Kate’s

When you trust kids, they trust themselves. For 43 years, we’ve put kids in charge of their own learning experience. They try, fail, and learn on their own. They learn to trust their own judgment, and tackle the challenges of an ever changing world with creativity and confidence.

Campers choose minute to minute from a variety of activities including, sewing, stop-motion animation, music, sports & recreation, makers crafts, bread making, and more. They’ll decide what they want to do, and for how long. Our job is to get out of their way, cheerlead creative risks, and provide just enough guidance to make sure nobody does anything totally* asinine.

*Totally asinine: By our definition, mistakes aren’t asinine. They’re how you learn.

  • Type: Day Camp / Indoor & Outdoor
  • Dates: June 21st – August 25th
    • M-F 8:00am – 6:00pm
    • Closed July 4th
  • Location: Montclair
  • Contact info: / 973-587-8420
  • Grades:Elementary (Ages 4-12)
  • Registration deadline: As long as you have a paid day in your account, you are guaranteed entrance! There is no deadline.
  • Financial aid:Yes- see here for more information
  • Transportation: n/a
  • Lunch provided: Yes, no additional fee
  • Activities offered: Media Lab, The Stage, Sewing Salon, Bakery, Sports & Rec, Makery, Water Play and more!
  • Safety Protocols: We have camper and staff health and safety policies that are reviewed and updated to align with county and state health and safety regulations.
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